Our Method

Holistic. Pure. Potent.

REMEDY HERBALS product range is manufactured through a process known as the Spagyric Method. It came to Europe through ancient Egypt and was further developed and modernised in the 16th Century by Paracelsus, the great Swiss Physician who is regarded as a pioneer of Western pharmaceutical chemistry.

He studied herbal and alchemical medicine and wrote in excess of 300 papers on these topics. Our co-founder, Professor Manfred Junius stepped into Paracelsus’ shoes and followed in the steps of nature to arrive at a rare understanding of the transformative power of plant alchemy. Prof. Junius’ book, ‘The Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy‘ is the seminal work on modern plant alchemy and an essential resource for any practitioner or student of the topic.

The Spagyric Method is in fact an alchemical process based on the concepts of Separation, Purification and Reunification of the active principles within a plant, in order to produce a natural essence of ALL the plant’s healing properties. Spagyric preparations differ from ordinary tinctures and infusions which utilize only parts of the curative powers of the plants from which they are prepared. The Spagyric Method ‘opens’ the plant and liberates stronger curative powers as it is an extraction of the WHOLE plant in a transformed and purified condition. Spagyric preparations are in principle synergistic and less interested in isolated pharmacologically active principles, rather the focus is one of holistic transmutation which assimilates with the human condition in both a physical and energetic manner transforming dysfunctions at their core. Through successive phases of extraction, using safe and natural solvents, all of the active principles within the plants are released, including the water solubles, essential oils, minerals, salts and trace elements. In the final stage, the fibrous remains of the plants are calcinated to a white ash. The ash is then filtered into a water solution which is potentiated and added to the other extracts to purify and energize the final product which works in a holistic manner to support the body as a whole and highly complex system.

The Spagyric Method adheres to the philosophy that whole foods ideally complement our digestive make up which results in a superior absorption of the nutrients that are required to maintain and/or correct healthy bodily functions.

We get the most out of nature so that you can get the best out of life!